Slam the poetry

Poetry slam

Do you understand

Giving it straight

To the man

Standing right up there

And enacting a plan

Be exciting

Don’t be bland

The recite with passion

And let your voice be heard

Spread a message in every verse

Carefully choosing every word

To incite and to ignite

Truth in those that hear

To resonate and be quite clear

To those who try to cover up their ears

And rock to the mic stand

And rock out a poem and slam

The audience between the eyes

Show them you’re in command

That your down with all awakening

The you’re consciously attuned

To a the issues that trigger everyone.

When reported in the news

Show people that you tuned in

And that you have got good news

That you are making a stand here

And promote your message of caring

And make them all hear

Make a stand for human rights

And make you reasons clear

And slam them straight between the eyes

Highlight all of the heinous lies

Make your audience open their mind

And force them to open their eyes

With facts that cannot be denied

And use your poetry as a force for good

Show them your shining light

When you’re poetry slamming

Be rocking up and be jamming

A voice of good within their head

With a message they will never forget.

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