I know of your sensitivity

And your proclivity

For self abasement of yourself

So if you will allow me to help

I could show you

Just how amazing you are

You are like a shining star

A smile so bright

And eyes that twinkle

In everyone’s life you leave a sprinkle

Of love and light and a sense that they’ve been blessed

Because you may not realise this but your the best

So don’t put yourself down

Don’t ever wear a frown

With you I am always down

With picking you up off of the ground

And it bothers not one bit

Because in every sense you are worth it

You need to find the strength for self belief

You need to change your proclivity

And not be rooted so deep in sensitivity

But if you cannot manage that I will be here in your hour of need

Because you are like a shining star to me.

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