Don’t live an Insipid life

Don’t live a life insipid

Live a life inspired

Live a life of strength

And a life of colour

Do not ever hide your light

Or stifle your love

For that is where your power resides

You can be

The voice that sets others free

From the emasculation

Of a society

Where it’s easy to get lost

Easy to get weighed down

When we share our love and light

We show others freedom

Beyond all the systems

That hold down in place

Let’s show them how to breakaway

Don’t live and Insipid life

Live life in love and light

Don’t fall into just following

Be powerful and be strong

And blaze your own

Existential trail

And reach for the stars

Trust and you won’t fail

Be the individual

In a regimented world

Be the change in everything

And your life will be just swell

Breakout of your self created cell

And live life

In the glory of the love and the light.

1 thought on “Don’t live an Insipid life

  1. Nicely put up. One request. If you can check my new post, I have tried to describe the morning..wanted your opinion on my first try of writting a poem. Please check my blog AMODINEE

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