Insidious ways

We are surreptitiously taught

Insidious ways

By a system that is twisted, flawed and that’s lost its way

We are taught to respect it without thought or question

So many do exactly that without factual digestion

This system teaches more about war than peace

More about the winners throughout history

It does not teach you about love or spirituality

It teaches you religion in its dogmatic obscenity

Teaching us that if you sin you go straight to hell

Teaching us the guilt that goes with as well

And how we should follow a set of rules

That control our lives

This is what the system does time after time

Through media and government it says it preaches good values

Setting itself up more righteous than me and you

Yet it allows and promotes war, violence death and fear

And you don’t need to look hard to see the greed and corruptions clear

The system that is so advanced sees people living rough on the streets

Allows so many abuses like people trafficking

It does nothing to address sexual abuses in the church

That’s because what happens in government is worse

And it’s all covered up by those ruling over us

And these are the people we are supposed look up to and respect.

That’s why an awakened and conscious mind

Sees the truth after years of being blind to the systems lies

It breaks away and finds the purity in heart and soul

Finds themselves a place where they cannot be controlled

They reconnect with with love

And promote kindness, compassion and peace

And offer a hand to those down on their knees

An awakened mind understand all truth

Understand that being spiritual means being an authentic you

And living a life of goodness not defined by rules

Because it has to come from within that’s unique to you

We were given free will to choose how we should live

Defining our own morals and our own ethics

Not adopting those of others

That may not apply to us

In ourselves our consciousness we must trust

For we’re connected to the source

Through a direct line

And this is where we will find answers

Residing in the light of true reality

Not manifesting in the systems illusory.

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