Heinous acts

There is no great crime against the being and against the spirit

Than what we call sexual abuse

Used against adults and used against children

A heinous act that cannot easily or ever be forgiven

It’s a personal act against the person

Designed to be the ultimate in hurting

It seeks to kill the spirit and the soul

Yet leaving that person alive unable to be consoled

Leaving that person under their control

With threats they will comeback and make you pay

If ever you speak of it or ever say

About the awful wickedness they have done

Worse in many ways than being shot by a gun

It leaves that person in ever lasting pain

Bad enough to drive them insane

And only the very strong will conquer and comeback again

From being treated in this way

So don’t try and tell me it’s just another sexual way

Abuse and rape are carried out by those heinous and Depraved in everyway

No excuses, no good enough reason

This is just human being treason.

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