Masked ball

She and her husband went to a masked ball

She was dressed as Hartley Quinn

From Suicide Squad to impress them all

Wearing a small mask over here eyes

Her husband to her suprise was not the Joker as she expected

But Batman, that’s what he selected

The party was great and she got tipsy

Batman came over kissing her neck

Shuffled her into a little side room

While massaging, squeezing and caressing her bosoms

Pretty quickly and pretty soon

She bent over, he right behind her

Thrusting and rhythmically pounding away

She felt so good as her body swayed

And she ground herself back into him

As she felt the rush of his essences within

A quickie by any other name

But it felt amazing all the same

And as stood up and composed herself

She kissed said to wait and left

And stepping outside the her suprise

There was another Batman right outside

He said ‘hi honey, you enjoying yourself’,

The shock left he dizzy as well as breathless

But then thinking about what she just did

Got her feeling very excited

She suggested her husband go and play

Then stepped back into the room and demanded more of the same

The other Batman duly obliged

And Hartley Quinn definitely enjoyed the ride.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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