My God

Religion binds us in guilt

Using sins it restricts

Religion with its dogmatic doctrines

Feels the need to control everything

Demands we worship at their feet

Expects supplication and blind belief

Encouraging you part with cash

Like that will bring redemption back

No matter how devoted you may be

It doesn’t stop them judging harshly you and me

But the truth is I reside in love

When I converse with my God

In my own space and in my own time

God is omniscient by design

So he hears me no matter where I be

And God always watches over me

Hears my wishes and no my dreams

He is never to busy to visit me

I don’t need churches, mosques or temples

And I won’t be made to fear or tremble

My God is peaceful, forgiving and gentle

My God is everything that is resembled by love

And by compassion and kindness too

I love my God and he loves me too

And he gave me free will to pick and choose

Just how I live my life

He trusts me to live it right

So I struggle each day

To make my God proud each day

So I worship my God in my own unique way.

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