Seeker of ancient souls

I am on a quest

To seek out good souls

Those who are ancient

Those of old

Yet who a new again

Who have been reborn

Who walk this earth

That is worn and torn

With an ability to heal

With their spiritual grace

Living life in a compassionate state

Offering kindness in the face of hate

Beautifying the life of what’s become an ugly race

I seek those who use tender words

Yet remain strong

And heal so many hurts

Who see the truth

And speak those words

Showing how humanity is so absurd

And that have allowed greed to be their curse

Yet these spiritual souls withstand the worst

That life throws their way

And yet keep coming back again

Totally undaunted and resilient in every way

These are my people

With who I seek to connect with

These are my kin, my soul group blessing

Souls from past lives

That are ancient and old

To me these people are more precious

Than diamonds and gold.

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