When the rain came

The long hot summer made us sweat

Parched the ground

It was the best summer yet

But people always choose to moan

That is what they do best,

Then finally the clouds move in

And then came the rain

And people started to say,

Maybe it will flood

And wash everything away

Panicking in their typical usual way

And the sky got dark

And the rain fell heavy,

The wind blue in gusts

And the bushes and trees swayed,

As they were assailed by the force of it.

As the rain was driving in

I saw it hitting my window pane,

Running down in streams

Carrying me off into winter time dreams

But I know that this is not the end of summer

It’s just a pause before, it starts again

And it is making summer refreshing,

Before it goes back to making us start sweating once again.

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