Take me to your leader

I sat under a starry sky

Then something flashed

Out the corner of my eye

It was a light that zipped

All around, just above ground

Then in a split second

And without a sound

It was right above

And a beam of light

Levitated me upward

And suddenly the night

Was replaced with white

Clinical walls

Apparently they heard my call.

I was approached by aliens big and small

They offered me the chance to take a ship tour

Before I knew we were among the stars

Drifting among a host of alien bars

I said take me to your leader

We need to meet

I need to talk and need to see

If there is any chance for humanity

And my earth and all the other species

And he retorted in an alien twang

That sound as if he had almost sang

That the only hope lays in each of us

Discovering and sharing our ability to care and love

Then after a few drinks

And after drinking enough

They returned me back to earth to share the news

But they just locked me in a padded cell and called me a loon.

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