Lonely woman

She looks so lonely

Sitting on her own

She has lived her life

Just like a rolling stone

Always on the move

Jumping place to place

Such a lonely woman

And she looks out of place

Because she cannot find her soul group

She cannot connect

Nobody that she meets

Seems to pass her test

They all just seem to pugnacious

And that’s not what she needs

She needs warm and kind and giving people

Compassionate and good

She is looking for spiritual souls

From her soul group

Because she knows their love and light

And she feels their delight

In what means to live

She know that they have the capacity

And knows what it means to forgive

So as lonely as she maybe

She in her own way is happy

And one day when she meets

Someone from her soul group

She will be so excited

Knowing she never settled for second best

Knowing she found the one with who she could connect

They could be any colour or any sex

She does not know that yet

But what she does know is it won’t matter

As long as she gets there in the end

This seemingly lonely woman

Sitting waiting on a bench.

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