Be accountable or pay the cost

Do we care and do enough

Do we try and give as much

Back as we always give

Or is our life about hoarding things

Do we share or keep it close

Do we need or want the most

Are we driven by cravings and desires

Are we setting the world on fire

That will burn all and ourselves to the ground

Wreaking destruction with our war sounds

Are we guilty of allowing this

Will we accept accountability for it

Do we go through life with eyes closed

Mind shut down we don’t want to know about it

Do we deny what’s obvious

Humanity may become superfluous

In a world where there is nothing left

No more air to breathe a breath

We may all die ignorant yet

Because we could and would not do our best

To change our nature or our ways

So in the end it is no shock

That one day this arrogant human race would pay.

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