Summer Breeze

summer breeze ~ photographer Lyn Evans - colour inspiration for Latch Farm Studios


Carried away on a summer breeze

riding the current of a Sirocco wind

floating on clouds with grace and ease

summer time always carries me away.


Summer breeze against my face

summer breeze I love these bright days

feeling the wind blowing through my hair

these summer feelings leave me without a care.


And in the evening when the moons high

I can still feel it’s warmth wash over me

and as I sit meditating under a grove of apple trees

I still feel it’s warmth and intensity

and it revitalizes every aspect with in me.


I love these summer days, with this warm breeze

invigorating and lifting me and my frequency

as I am carried away on a tranquil summer breeze

and I let myself go completely, I let my spirit go with the flow.


Image courtesy of Pinterest


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