Behind your mask

What mask do you wear

What is it your trying to hide

Or are you trying to be something

You are that’s not normally usual for you

I want to see the real you

I want to get behind that mask

I want to find the sensual you

I want to make our moments last

Let me guide my hands all over you

As I look deeply into your eyes

I want to tease and tempt you

I want you to need me between your thighs

You dictate the motion

And I will govern the pace

I want to kiss your full red lips

I want to savour your taste

Feel me now deep behind your mask

Feel me deep in you slow and then fast

I hear you moan and you gasp

Gripping tighter leaving your marks

I sense there is so much to explore with you

Now I’ve penetrated your mask.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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