The voice


Sitting in a dark room meditating

Sitting ruminating and contemplating

About myself and my life

When out of the dark a voice spoke out

‘content yourself with who you are

With who you discover as you meditate

Rather than concern yourself with who and what others think you are

For that is a perception based on their flaws

This perceived being is not you’.

I sat still in mind absorbing these words

Not surprised to hear this voice.

As I ruminate longer the voice spoke again

‘you are free, you can fly, you be be anything that you choose to be

But others will put you in a cage and clip your wings

They will restrict your ambition and full your passion

And tell you to settle for less.

This is because they wish you not to fly, to soar to achieve

Because their wings have been clipped’.

Once again I sat and absorbed this wisdom.

Finally while contemplating the voice spoke again

There is no happiness in greed but all you need is yours

You just have to manifest it by asking for it and working for it

You have a creative mind and soul as well as eyes that see beauty

You have discovered light by going through darkness

You found love after being subjected to hate

You resonate kindness and compassion

Now share that and put it out to all and you will know wealth

The wealth of wellbeing, of light, love, happiness and inner peace

That is true wealth, true riches, real treasure’.

I sat still absorbed this last piece of omniscient wonder

And stood up, walked to the door

And when I looked out, the light was brighter

The colours much richer, the details much sharper

And everything was more beautiful

And love coursed through my vains like a tsunami wave.

This was a new begining

And I was going to seize this moment.

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