Among the trees

She had heard stories of the forest folk

Urban mythical creatures

Moving mysteriously between the trees

Darting here and there with ease

Coming and going as they please

So one night as she was heading home

And taking a short cut through these woods nervously

She heard footsteps following behind

She sped up her pace and tried moving swiftly

But the were fleet as foot as well

And when she turned she saw a big obese man

Dripping with sweat and making a demand

That she submit to her will

And he would spare her and she would not be killed

Panic stricken and full of terror

She had no clue as to what to do.

Then all of a sudden out of the blue

Mysterious people surrounded the two

And the big obese sweaty man told them where to go

He looked confused and looked as if he was losing control

Then before he could say anymore or move

The man was removed

From the ground to horizontal in the air

One moment he was there

Then suddenly disappeared

She gazed at the people hooded in green brown all standing around

She saw their faces gnarled and woody like trees

One spoke with an age old grizzled refrain

These trees you see were gifts from us to your species

And all you do is defile them or others within them

And we say enough is enough

So we few have chosen to stop them

He is now long gone and will be forgotten

A virus eradicated from this earth

And with a bow of their heads

They all stepped back into shadow

Gone now with no trace left behind

And in a split second what had happened left her mind

And she left this moment in time

Slightly bewildered as to why she was standing there

But feeling a shiver decided not to care and rushed home

To the safety of home and hearth

Unaware of her new miss and her subsequent salvation

From an alien people of tree fascination.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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