She was broken but not beyond repair

You broke hearts

You cared only for your own needs

But when I discovered you

You were beaten and weak

By life and all its struggles

And though I knew what you were like

I picked you up and wiped the tears from your eyes

For I am not judgemental

And I give all a chance

I shared my light and love

And you absorbed it all

And when you well healed

I said that my gift to you is a gift I offer all

No contract, no ties,

No obsession, no lies

You are free to come and go

Though I love you so

You can’t break my heart as long as you let me know

What your needs are and how you need to quench them so

And we will strike an agreement

To be honest and true

By confiding in each other every desire we choose

And with this in place

She would always do

Everything that I asked of her to do

Which was love and respect me and always tell me the truth

And in return she was free to do all she wanted to.

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