I see within you

There I see it in your eyes

That longing and desire

That from me you cannot hide

There I feel it

Your heart pound in your chest

Your body is all a tremble

And I’ve not kissed and touched you yet

But you want me too

And it burns through you

I feel your passionate fire

As it burns hotter and higher.

Feel my lips as the touch yours

Feel my fingers as as they draw

Patterns over your smooth supple skin

Tracing to where your desire begins

Deep down to where your essences are yearning

I hear your voice and the murmuring

We both know your heart is stirring

I can feel the ache in you

We both know what we need to do

The passion is so strong and won’t go away

We don’t care what others may say

It’s time for us to stake this heart felt claim

Seize the moment and get swept away

In lust and love

In that burning fire

Take the sensuality higher

You can submit your body to me

And I will finally set you free

In a state of tantric spirituality

Set you adrift in the fantasy

That burns erotically and incandescently

Look now deep into my eyes

And you will see that I don’t lie

That this could be your best moment in time

To cut the ties and finally fly.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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