18 thoughts on “Question of the day

  1. Ack! I’m not sure I remember what it feels like being loved in my terms. It’s a long and complicated story! The one I love, sometimes we are like oil and water, she is physical and I am emotional. I’m always looking for her to say something from the heart and it doesn’t come very often.
    But then as Myth said “And every now and then I would sneak up behind you and tickle you under your ribs just to remind you of the very first moment love joined our hearts”, it’s like that!
    Despite being oil and water, when we are together, there is a chemical reaction. Add some vinegar and spices and BOOM 🙂

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  2. I love your poems and everything you post and because your poems came from the heart that means I love you too. Sometimes people do not verbally say I love you but I try to see the connection.

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  3. I would thank you for being YOU, and I would let you go on being you so I could continue too love you for that very reason! And every now and then I would sneak up behind you and tickle you under your ribs just to remind you of the very first moment love joined our hearts! 😄

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      1. FC, I adore you, and appreciate your passion for writing for change within our world. Understanding and acceptance of one another is crucial for positive change to occur. And I cherish your very kind words left for me, and everyone you believe to be true! Thank you! Thank you for making a difference in the way people can look at the future of quality living amongst each other, and still be ourselves with our own thoughts and beliefs! Peace to you and your beautiful soul as well!😊

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      2. You bet! There are a few writers here like yourself, whom I would love to have come visit here in my Forest home! I believe our conversations would be Amazing, phenomenal, and Courageous in value and thought! Food, drink, and what it’s. ☺️

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      3. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for one third of my life. I am a mountain soul by nature. So, I took a leap of faith and not knowing a soul up here,I left everything behind. I am now home and in love with my community! I wish this kind of comfort for all people. I have worries and troubles just like the next person, but I live by my heart and soul no matter what comes my way! I live up by Tahoe, where the water is bluer than blue,☺️In the heart of the Tahoe National Forest. Life can be beautiful no matter what we may go through? We never forget our experiences, and we can have beauty in our hearts and souls once again! Yes we can! Love.


      4. Thank you very much! Sometimes life offers a chance for a dream to come true? We must take the offer! Change can be healthy. I gave a fortune away to people. I chose carefully and randomly! All I have ever needed has been peace and love! And only want the same for all.
        FC, may peace be with you always!

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