A word to the deniers


We live in denial

We live for materialistic needs

We take and take

We put nothing back

No nurturing

Just exploiting

In the name of greed

Fed by market forces

We desire much more than we need

We worry more about property prices

Then we worry about our earth

We take it for granted

Like everything with worth

We desire shiny sparkly things

Like magpies and it may be a cause for mirth

If it isn’t so important to understand the truth

The future is in doing more to heal life, earth and societies hurt

Which have be caused by a lack of caring

Caused by becoming less compassionate

That’s why we still have people living on the streets who are homeless

All people worry about is the illusory ideals

The fake stuff the media roles out with so much appeal

If climate change is not real to you

But materialist greed is

I can’t wait to see you eating money

In order just to survive and exist

After you’ve cut down the last tree

And destroyed the last of the forests

Polluted and expended all natural resources

In order to get rich.

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  1. You embody the native philosophy. I tip my hat to you faux for being a warrior on the right side. Call me crazy. We will be fine, we cannot change what is. That doesn’t make us any less a warrior for it.

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