Cave of wonder

I set sail in a boat

And rowed into a cave

I needed to find myself a getaway

A place of solitude where I can still my mind

Away from hustle and bustle of life

I sit in my little boat in this big cave

Sheltered from the oceans mighty waves

Illuminated by glow worms upon high

The water is still as I am inside

I listen to the sounds of water lapping lazily on rock

The slight echo as the boat rocks

As I sit and watch the glow worms

Create an alternate universe

As if they are stars, I feel in turn somehow lost

But now found again in this darkness

I embrace the isolation like and friend

I glance down at the water as it is mirroring

The cosmic display that the glow worms share

I feel carried away as I am meditating

And I imagine what a wondrous place this earth could be

If this peace I found here could reach out

To all humanity

And heal the wounds, the suffering and hurt

This isolation in this cave really shows its worth

Developing my consciousness

Helping me grow

And this meditation

Helps the seeds of love to be sown.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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