Love under will

Love dripping like blood

From a deep red rose,

Love under will

That has never been told,

Prickly are the thorns

That left their marks,

Piercing the skin

And leaving holes,

Love under will

A story unknown

About being left out

In the rain and cold

Shivering as the

Chill goes to the bones

This love under will

Cannot be owned

By anybody else

Throughout eternity

Captured under glass

I watch how the red rose bleeds

I feel the anguish

Deep inside me

Love under will

Like the rose

Is a vulnerable thing

But surrounds

You and me

Making it difficult

Sometimes to breathe

As we suffer fits

Of stress and anxiety

Hoping you will love me

And never will leave

I am like that deep red rose

Watch me as I bleed.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

5 thoughts on “Love under will

  1. Reminded me of this one I wrote:

    A rose in my palm
    Its bloom on my shoulder
    I revel in serenity
    From it’s tranquil scent
    And its unmistakable sweetness
    As its thorns impale my heart
    Piercing my flesh
    And the red essence of me
    Is just as the red of the flower I hold
    It dies in my grasp
    From the blood that feeds it
    From the tears of my tired eyes
    Because its beauty
    Rare and precious
    Can’t last forever
    Still I can not be persuaded
    To give it release
    For I relish its memory
    And the bliss of its love
    Withered though it may be
    I hold it close
    And pray that it may live again

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