Scenarios as seen from the outpost

Eco vs. Ego


I stand at the outpost of our future world

overseeing two scenarios

in a quantum dimensional field

one scenario that I am seeing

is a world of barren devastation

a heat scorched earth with no trees

no green grass, just simply dirt

and the whole of the human spicies

lies somewhere under the soil

all sent to extinction when the world boiled

and the sea rose up and covered most land masses

and what’s lest is this barren waste I see

and I hang my head in shame

and embarrassment that describes out humanity.

Looking at the other scenario

things are majorly differnt

green lush land as far as the eye can see

and a world of nurturing and sustainability

when humanity now works in harmony

with nature and the earth

where we finally understand, this planets worth

where we put back more than we are taking

and using only just what we need

and dirty fuels are in the past

consigned to nightmarish dreams

the sea is now stocked with teeming fish

and it’s clear and unpolluted, I know hard to believe

and there is a greater abundance

of forests and glorious trees

and humanity found a way

to stop the spiraling birth rate using inform birth control

and industries were producing things cleanly

and treating the workforce with equality

and nobody now was homeless

you laugh and mock and say ‘it’s a Utopian dream’

but that would suggest then, it’s beyond mans capability

and if this is the case, then maybe we should give up now

but I honestly think we have to knowledge

and definitely have the know how

we just need to make a change, and rediscover the will

and address this place that is home to us, and simply sort it out.

We all can do something for the planet. Take a small step and choose one thing that can make a difference and get on it. One person can make a difference. Our earth is a blessing and we need to conserve its beauty and resources. We are the generation that needs to be an example and change our ways if this planet stands a chance of survival.


Image courtesy of Pinterest


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