Multiverse dreams

Multiverse dreams

On a planet light years away

I found myself face down in alien dust

I knew not how I got here

The dust was fine and bright yellow

It stained my clothes and hands

I got up and started to move forward

Then something caught me by the ankle

It pulled me hard and fast below the surface

And in that moment I was sliding down a chute upon my back

Colours flashed like lightening before my eyes

Then I discovered I was spinning

And a kaleidoscope of images

Assailed me touching and laughing

But they were blurs as they moved so fast

And I could then suddenly heard whispering

That echoed off the walls coalescing into chaos

Then ebony darkness hit my eyes

And left my mind in panic

Then a bright new sun I saw arising

Above a far off horizon

And the brightness and the warmth grew quick

As the sun rose more and more

Before all of a sudden I felt myself face down

On a cold marbled polished floor.

I looked up warily, wondering what I’d find

And as my eye acclimatised I studied what I had spied

A group of varied aliens in rows sitting in various chairs

Studying me and talking deeply

About what they believed they perceived

A being representing humanity

I said I am not like them I am a spirit being

They all nodded in assent

And they said that is why you’ve been brought here

It’s now your time to transcend

To a higher plain and frequency

Beyond our knowledge and realms

To a place of multiverse fantasy

And Everlasting dreams.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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  1. this was written at the beginning of the year- just to document the experience…

    I woke with a start; my body tingling,
    i was not alone.. I felt others… they were inspecting
    and tuning my chakras
    i could almost hear them talking…

    later i rose to the treelined mountain top
    and saw just over the tops of the pines
    i reached out an felt their light in my body
    glowing sunset yellow, orange and green

    my eyes turned and i had eagle sight
    i aimed to rise up into the clouds
    but memories held me back…
    and fear of loss….

    from my hands flowed a network
    of roots and braches
    down into he earth
    where I fed her deep energy

    i kept hearing.. raise the vibration…
    and as i lifted my heart, higher and higher
    i could feel the energy around me grow
    light filling all space

    white light surrounds me still…

    i thanked the gods for this light…they remain with me still…

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