Third eye kiss

A kiss to the third eye

The center of the forehead

A moment that can never be lost in time

A touch of the heart a wistful thought

All a part of life’s mysterious dance

A connection you feel

That you find hard to express

Unknowing actions, what to do next?

Go with the flow or take a risk?

Life is a journey without a destination fixed

And there can be nothing more exciting than this

Making it up as we go along

Like a roller-coaster ride that just keeps going

Moving up and down, slow and fast

Life can be easy one moment and then become hard

And there is only one way off

Once the ride starts

But I intend to stay to the end

Because I want to experience and cherish everything

Like love, light and the tender and passionate things

That make life sunny and makes your heart sing.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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