A bump in the night

A noise heard in the darkness

this new place she lived in creaked and groaned

this place she was hoping to call home

first week of living alone

since the end of her marriage

and the broken heart pain she now carried with her.

She go up out out of her bed,

tied back he long black hair,

she felt the goosebumps rise on her tanned skin

her deep blue eyes scanning the dark for everything

slowly she moved from the bedroom

into the living area of this apartment

refurbished but still within the confines

of an old tenement building

she scanned around the room in darkness

hoping to find everything was alright

that it was just a thing going bump in the night

her curtains were closed, they were made of heavy felt

as the looked out on other apartments

and people could look in as they went past

a sliver of a chill snaked slowly up her spine

as she walked over to look behind

and see if something may be hiding

behind her curtains in the night

she pulled it back slowly almost shaking

going slightly weak at the knees

she did not think for a moment

that she would be able to even breathe

as she pulled it back she saw nothing

then a face appeared and screamed

and she do too and lept backwards

Then she heard the laughter after

furious she looked back out

and saw some teenagers running off

though angry that they scared her

at least it solved what noise had gone off

turning back she walked to the bedroom

but then decided to get a drink

and she went to get some juice

and drank it by the kitchen sink

and as she drank it smiling to herself

why she had scared herself

in the mirror above the sink

a silhouette had followed her

no time to think, no time to move

a tear ran from her eye and down her cheek

I am not sure if the felt the snap before she felt it

but now she lay on the floor on the kitchen mat

a life of sorrow now extinct

caused by a demon created by a writers ink.

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