Body of guilt

Body of guilt

She withered under his intense gaze

She liked how he delighted in her voluptuousness under her tight top

It made her tingle knowing he drooled over her pert cheeks in that tight pencil skirt

She got steamy as she see him gazing longingly at her long slender legs

And oh! How he fumbles as she liked slowly her full red lips and put on her most seductive look.

He always stared and was always aroused by her sexy erotic display

He brushed against her quite a bit breathed heavy on her neck whispering obscenities in her ear

Yes she knew how much he liked it and she played very much up to it

He was over middle age, she was in her prime

He had a wife and family, she was single out for fun

But she knew the way he acted was wrong, he never considered it at all

To engrossed in her body and temptation

So could not forsee his own end, his final fall

As one day in the office where they worked she entered with a very short skirt

And buttons under very low on her shirt

Cleavage on display, she sat opposite him with legs splayed

Sheer stocking on display, as she lucked he lips slowly in a come on way

He stared he sweated from every pore

She asked if he wishes to see more

She rose bent over picking something up off the floor

Her skirt rose up even more

His heart pounded heart ready to explode

So aroused his ardour was exposed

She stood up walked around the back rubbed his shoulders and whispered in his ear

‘This is where you have a heart attack’

And as one hand rubbed his chest

And the other went under the desk

As surely as she predicted his heart it failed and his blood vessels constricted

And as his lips started turning blue

She said ‘this is for all the me who

Thought that I was theirs to abuse

You are just another in the long queue who died for abusing me with your eyes’

And as the last of his life drained from his being

She rang the ambulance with an act of distress

And while she waited for them to arrive

She changed into a more Conservative dress

Looked plain and dowdy so they would not guess

That she ended this man’s life over how he obsessed

Over her body.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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