Either end of a gun

Before you decide to carry a gun

Know you won’t be the only one

And if you ever have a need to point it at somebody

Ask yourself how would it feel

To have a gun pointed at you for real

Looking in the others person’s eyes

Knowing they will decide

In that moment if you’re going to live or die

What chances would you give someone when you pointed the gun

Karma has a funny way of returning what you put out

If you didn’t hesitate and you pulled that trigger

Now on the other side are you hoping the luck or your God is with you

If you leave someone dead at your feet

Know you too may end up bleeding out on the street

All because of a need for guns

Guns don’t kill people yeah that is true

People kill people but using a gun as the tool

My advice to you is don’t be a fool

Stay away from guns

That’s my golden rule

Stay away from a life

That are filled with those who think guns are cool

I say this out of love and caring for you

And only wanting a safer world in truth.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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