Be what you are

Still and clear the mind

Let the present moment be your guide

Let thoughts just come and go

When you focus on something it’s gone

Let thoughts simply flow

There is so much that we don’t know

And trying to be the thing we are told

Or something that we’ve been sold

Means we lose the mindful flow

And the stillness in mind goes

You are nothing except what you are

You are everything and you come from the stars

Our conscious being know what we are

Energy that’s travelled from afar

When you aim to be enlightened

You will always shoot wide of the mark

Because the moment you aim you try

To be some you’ve already attained

When in the stillness of mind

And in the mindful state

But it slowly dissipates

When you try to force the state

Just be what you are

That being that resides within the stillness of your meditation in full grace.

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