Rats in the sewers

I grew up in the urban scrawl

Being made to crawl

Like rats in the sewers

So we rebelled against it all

No one really wants to live in building dirty and grey

No one wants to live in neighbourhoods that are not safe

So we would dye our hair and we would wear torn T – shirts

And zippy bondage trousers

Sang of bloody revolutions

And tearing down the system

Urban life is not glamour life as some make out

Except for the rich types who decided to carve out

Pockets of wealthy communities

In Brixton, Camden Town and Silver Street,

And there they sit sipping lattes

While there are homeless live in rough

To many have nothing, while others have too much

Now although they do not like

The rats still exist

Living in those areas, most others would not live

And although the voice of anarchy and punk has died down a bit

In the hearts and minds of us we will not forgive

Being made to crawl and beg

Barely able to survive

You systems and you’re ivory towers will one day be torn down.

Image courtesy of Crass

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