Fantasy night

Her eyes they smouldered

With sheer delight

She had experienced

The most wonderful night

So much deep loving

Physically exerting

This guy had her reverting

Back to feeling young again

As if it were her first time

She felt vibrant, how insane

He made her feel the way

No other one could

But it was just a one night thing

And this they both understood

It was about the experience

Of sharing free love

With no baggage or attachments

Yet there was still love

That stemmed from respect

From being friends

But both new it was

A means to an end

There was no lies

There was no deceit

It was all open

It was all agreed

It was about enjoying

A new experience

Revitalising the heart, the body the soul

And within this passion

Where she lost all control

She achieved that sensual

And ecstasy filled goal

And she glowed

But she was glad that her husband known

Because she didn’t want this moment of gold

To seem dirty or sordid

They both felt this was needed

They both had ideas

They both had dreamed of this

No lies, no deceit

Would ever be needed

He opened her cage

And let her fly free

And experience something

More than her could offer her

But it didn’t mean

He know longer loved her

In fact it was out of love

That he let her be free

And experience the best night

And to fulfill her fantasy

And no one got hurt

And everyone was happy

And this was what everybody

Set out to achieve.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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