The city of exploitation

The underworld in London

A seedy underbelly

Of drugs and sex

Of crime and gangs

That crosses boundaries

Of all ethnicities

In the dark shadows

Of this great city

Polluting the beauty

And people’s safety

Some places are not

The sort of places to be

But this is the blight

Of every big city

And creates a buzz of electricity

But there is not one

Single ethnicity to blame

These people cross the whole spectrum and range

Of society and life

Made up of all types

Shameful, shameless people

Who have no love

Who have no compassion

Exploiting the weak

And the vulnerable

And all around them

The homeless sleep

In doorways and under bridges

This is to be seen everywhere

In the streetlights of night

But more hidden in the daylight

When money men and women

Swarm like ants all over this city

And these business types have no time or pity

For the down and out people that are rife

They see nothing but business and money

Blinded by greed

Devoid of love and compassion

No better than the gangsters

Of the seedy underbelly

All just looking to exploit to get rich quick

And this taint on London

A great city just makes me sick.

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