We have lost our way


No intelligent species would destroy their own environment


We as beings have lost our way

so much money spent on war

on putting stuff up into space

while neglecting the human race

and this earth on which we live.

So much time exploiting resources

until the time comes when there will be no recourse

we will have gone way too far down that road

of extinction and self annhialation

and all those species we see trophy hunted

that are no more will make life duller

will make it much poorer and less varied

take a kid to the zoo and watch their eyes

different animal species give them such delight

when do we become so brutal and lose sight of this?

why are we not doing more to change it?

There is no planet B but we are in search of this

is this what we are? A parasite species?

abuse, consume and the discard the empty carcass

humanity is living life just like a car crash

my god! are we to blind to see

that we have become this terminal disease

we are like a festering sore on the face of beauty

we have taken paradise and destroyed it

as if it was an act of duty

and those who rule and those who govern

are too corrupt and too old to care about the future

they just want the money and power now

they don’t have vision of what they wish to leave

no dreams or even legacies that will define them centuries on

they don’t care they will be long gone

so it’s up to us to bring about change

build a future sustainable and brave

that put’s us back within nature, not outside of it

nurturing and tending all of it’s needs which will reduce the risk

of humanity tripping over the edge of extinction

and see as a race of distinction

that learnt to evolve and understand the truth

that we need to be more mindful in all that we do

and create a better world and environment for both me and you.


Image courtesy of Pinterest

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