Tragic life


He was small

He was vulnerable

Accident prone

Is what they said at school

Always cut and always bruised

Always a reason

That sounded good

But in the darkness

Of his room

One bad day

And pretty soon

He would feel the pain

Of an angry fist

Or maybe a brutal kick

He knew his mum loved him so

But she was treated the same and so

Was unable to help or herself

These are the cruelest cards that life have dealt

It seemed so sad

That they were beyond help

His abuser was well adept

At telling lies

And had charismatic way

To get others to believe

Anything he would say

Until one night

When he lost the plot

Burnt down the house

And all the doors he locked

With all inside

He heard their screams

And cries as they died

Then took his own life

At the end of a rope

Did this poor little boy

Have any real hope at all

The saddest story of a boy

Who never asked to be born

And knew no happiness

Through his entire short life

So tragic what can we do but cry.

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