Burn me

I think you would be too hot to the touch

But all the same I’d like to try my luck

Even if I was to suffer third degree burns

The would be injuries that are well earned

You are smouldering hot you’re on fire

You blaze a trail that I follow after

I’d take the heat and suffer the burns

Because it’s you that I truly yearn

So burn me baby burn

I suffer for you, don’t be concerned

I don’t want you cooling down

I want you burning

I would want to find out just how you get

You can incinerate me, so don’t you worry

I want to take my time with you

Because I am in no hurry

I want to savour everything about you

Like a luscious barbecue I hunger after you

You have that love food and I am starving in truth

You are the sweetest fruit

And I want to squeeze you

And savour the succulent taste that is all you.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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