One rule

There is only one rule in life

And that is there are no rules,

Just self rule, being your own authority

Learning how to live free,

Unlike all the other sheeple

Who are just sleepwalking,

While you should be creating

A unique place to start from,

To make the biggest impact

I am not telling you how to live,

That’s not my place to dictate

How you should go about things,

I just speak about what I believe in

And about how I am feeling,

You have free will like me

So live it individually,

I just give advice and put thoughts out there,

For others who may find appeal

And see my words to them as real,

A poet offering words with a message,

For those who in them see some merit

And choose to read and agree

And shape their life a little like my

But with their own footprint stamped upon it.

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