Coffee shop moment

Coffee shop moment

A medium latte in a coffee shop

Just easing the stresses of the day

The expectation is to just relax

And be mindful in this coffee place

But on looking up from my cosy nook

I saw a beautiful woman sat across the way

I used her as my muse to write and pass the time away.

She sat there with her black hair flowing

And her tanned skin glowing

And a top that revealed her ample assets

Her lips were succulent and red

Her eyes so full yet deep

I watched her as she wrote on papers

While sipping from her flat white coffee with sheer grace

I confess to being transfixed

I barely notice I stared as she got up and walked on over

In her tight fitting leggings that left nothing to the imagination

And it caught me suprise therefore when I hear her saying ‘hi’.

Blushing and stuttering I apologised for being rude

By staring at her like I did and explained I am not usually so crude

She asked what I was writing and I explained I was a poet

And she smiled and said that she did the same thing too

She asked if she could read my verse

I said yes but don’t think me perverse

As she read my thoughts I had put down on my page

It spoke of her beauty and her sexiness

And how I loved the way she dressed

And then a few things Id imagine I’d like to do

Like kissing her full red succulent lips

And caressing all over finest curvy bits

Like her ample breasts and her tiny firm derriere

As she red she smiled and said she liked my style

Very descriptive and mature not juvenile

And that it aroused certain emotions within her

She said she could just imagine it

The touching sensuousness and the passionate kiss

And doing far more than this

And imagined it would be simply bliss

She told me it would fulfill her needs

And asked if I would visit her please

A little later this evening to appease her ache is it pleased

I nodded and smiled but was struck dumb

And watched her get up and leave

After writing her name, address and number down

And after she left I took a deep breathe

And took a moment to reassess the situation and how it all played out

And when I left I saw her papers

And she had written I saw an interesting guy looking at me

And to my eye I am quite pleased

And will let him come around my place much later

To ease my ache, desires and needs

And I will ensure he is surely please

Once he has had the best of me

And for both of us I can tell right now

The end is going to be

One that is very happy

And that I confess that was good good enough for me

And I went on my way thinking pleasant things

Of what will be.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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