Watching beauty from a park bench

I sat in the park watching people as they pass

And the you jogged by Nice and steady not fast

A beautiful creation clad in super tight fitness clothes

That put you fit sexy figure right out there on shoe

You hair tied up and sun glasses on you looked so good to me

I watched you pass me by same time same place

Every day that week

Then finally you slowed to a walk and then sat next to me

And enquired if I enjoyed staring at her lustfully

I stammered stuttered to find some words

That might refute her words

I thought that maybe I should act as if I had been hurt

But instead I spun it on its head and said she was such an amazing view

And admitted she lit and rose up day from the darkness and the gloom

She took her sunglasses off and I saw her beautiful eyes

I said you’re as sexy a and fit as and I can’t even lie

She smiled and said would you have the stamina to conquer me

And I said I have no idea but I would give it a real go

So she stood up and pointed to some flats over the way

She told me she was going home at that I was welcome to join her

For a little touch and play

Needless to say I didn’t hesitate

The thoughts of getting my hands on her beautiful body was driving me insane

And shows it pays to be straight and honest

When caught ogling this way

But I agree it could have ended up going bad that’s the risk I chose to take.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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