Life don’t get easier

Led to believe as I got older

Things would get easier for me

That is not the truth I’ve found

But I know that’s probably all on me

Worked hard but had no breaks

Days get harder every day

But somehow I keep on going

Keep on smiling and fighting away

For a day

When things may change

And I am trying so hard

By working each day and publishing books

That too few buy but my gratitude to all spreads far and wide

For just hearing my voice and listening to me

Many other people don’t get this opportunity

But it’s a struggle each day

Just to get up and keep repeating each day

In a groundhog way

Whatever it is I need to learn

Is clearly going over my head

But I try to understand

In the best way just how life works

Always putting one foot in front of another and never going back

Always being wide open to receive the love

And I work so I hard I can only hope it’s enough.

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