12 thoughts on “Poetry and nature

  1. Your so welcome! I sincerely do pray that all your hopes and dreams will come true! It’s not hard to break ones own heart when passion over flows and the cup runneth over. Take good care. Many people believe in your goodness! And your voice which speaks for the wellness of our planet.

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      1. Don’t you lose your spark! I have been having problems with my heart, May be gone for a long while. But I will not forget you and all that you stand for! Peace and Comfort to you and yours!

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      2. Thank you very much for your kind words. My heart is tired. It holds keys that can not unlock doors alone. I appreciate all that you stand for, and have suffered. I do understand! Remember to hug yourself, really hug yourself! If tears fall…you are loved! Keep talking to the world! There are still some very beautiful souls out there!
        Dream big FC! ⛅️🌤️☀️ Anything is possible…

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