The march of oneness

Give me reason to rise up

Give me just one sign

To move forward and mobilise

As one united force

And across all divides

Pulling together those who want equality

And those who value nature

And as we march in unison

We march in peace love and light

Ready for cross the multitude of divides

Healing those deep set conditioned wounds

Changing other people’s deep set views

That were domesticated from the womb

We rise and march in time

Over all of these great divides

To create a better world of unity and equality

Fighting with our imtellectuality

Against foes that wish us to turn to force and violence

So that they can retaliate and crush us

Leaving us in silence

But we are smarter than that

And always refuse to react

With anything more than profound words

The lay to waste all of your wars without a cause

And all your greedy corrupting ways

For this rising up and march will signify your end of days.

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