Histrionics final curtain call


Same shit different day

Just your usual toxic ways

A life of drama and a million tears

Acting out all your fears

And it’s not like I don’t care

But we can all see you there

So why this attention seeking bit

I am getting to think you love it

Attached to it like a toxic junkie

On your back you wear this monkey

Making everyone around suffer

So intense people feel smothered

Hard to cope, hard to breathe

Hard to not get really angry

At these games that you act out

As we listen to you scream and shout

So as to be noticed in the crowd

When you think you’re being left out

Create a scene and embarrass all

Histrionics final curtain call

But you don’t fool me

With your same old shit different day

It’s old hat now and so passe

You’re old enough to know better now

Learn to grow up and see just how

Annoying it is and how your distracting

From other people who have real problems.

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