Voices in her head

She heard voices in her head

As she lay in her bed

She heard the sound of movement

And it came from down the stairs

She crept out if her bedroom

She wandered around in the dark

But when she turned the light on

She screamed out so loud

Her whole entire family laying butchered in the floor

She couldn’t bare the sight so she ran for the front door

As she stepped outside

The police had just arrived

They took her to the roadside

Then took a look inside

Then they came back and asked her

‘do you know what has happened?’

She looked and shook her head while hysterically crying

Then a young female officer who was comforting her

Placed her in some handcuffs and she became quite disturbed

What was it they were doing

She had just lost her family

Then she looked down and saw the blood on her hands and nighty

Apparently in her confused state and because of the voices in her head

She had a psychotic episode that left her family dead

And when sitting in a prison cell she her the voices say

‘We are the reason for your demonic display

And now we are going to torment you all your life

Until you’re in your grave

Because we are evil thoughts

And you are now our slave.’

The voices thought they had her

Until she hung herself from the bars

And left these voices and thoughts to prowl the police cells at large

To torment another victim

To drive them to extremes

This is a horrendous nightmare

And not just a scary dream.

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