Nations flags

Nations flags are a symbol

Of patriotism and pride

At least that’s what we’re led to believe

It’s a symbol for which millions die

Conditioned and brainwashed to believe

That a flag can ever truly set you free

It oppresses other cultures and celebrates liberty

While undermining other countries

And so many nations are guilty of this

And act as if they’re the righteous

So many nations inflicting they’re ways on others

And too few get the choice

It’s funny that a flag can instill such loyalty

That leads men to their death

You can keep your blood soaked flag

Because I have had enough

If this blinkered inane view

About the flags and pride

Seeing it drenched in tears of the families that have cried

Over the flag draped coffin which signifies the end of life

All because of futile wars they were told to fight.

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