In search of doorways


I am searching for a doorway in this life

To take me out of it and off to somewhere else

I cannot stand the pain or the suffering

It’s no good for my mental health

I cannot be witness to the carnage of war

The destruction of our earth by the corporations who want more

I cannot take this anymore

To see the young ones suffer as the old just mess things up

A world that is becoming immune to love

I cannot bare to just what this happen

I need a way out, a doorway to open

So I can step out of this life

Because that’s the only thing that seems right

Heading off to some new distant light

Far away from this place and time

I search to open up these doorways in my mind

So I can free myself and fly off

To a place that no one else knows of

A place of love.

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  1. A place of love is what you seek,
    To a place that everyone knows of but rarely sees,
    So you can free yourself and fly,
    You search for doorways it is not in your mind.

    Far away from this place and time
    Heading off to the one true light
    Because, yes, that’s the one thing that is right

    To step out of life you say is what you want
    an open doorway, you just need a way out
    For you cannot bear what is before you
    A world immune to love
    Little ones suffer
    The old messes up
    Our earth destroyed by corporations who want more
    You just can’t, you just can’t take the suffering anymore.
    You you look for a doorway to get out
    Instead of staying to help someone out

    A little life you change
    Can make a difference
    Your voice, your story
    Can change every garbage to glory

    God’s love for you and me
    He showed by sending Jesus
    As the way, the truth and the life
    So that through this door way
    Everyone who believes will be saved
    An eternity he prepared for every man
    The sufferings here on earth
    Is nothing compared to the rest that awaits in his loving arms.

    Justice up there will be served for all those who did wrong
    Don’t worry, all these troublemakers will have a place of their own
    The little children will also have a place forever
    That is nothing compared to the years of suffering which will not last forever

    So, rest now
    And don’t give up
    Spread the love
    That is enough

    (I just tried playing with your poem from end to top. 😂 I enjoyed it. ) well written and full of emotions by the way. 👍🏻

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