Good neighbour


I see her everyday

She always looks my way,

We exchange smiles

Like we do always

But it normally ends there

But on this day I spoke a few words

Asked her just how she had been

She said things have been tough

Said that she was struggling,

She lived next door and was my neighbour

I felt it incumbent on me to help,

I asked her in for a cup of coffee

And a chat to get things off her chest,

She smiled and accepted

And we shared coffee and chat,

She told me that she was so lonely

I said I could help with that,

I told her my door was always open

That she was welcome anytime,

She had the most wonderful smile

She had a creative fun kind of mind,

We spoke of love and how it missed us both by

And it drew us kind of close,

I could not help but notice

How good she looked in her clothes

But I tried not to get carried away

But then I kind of let her know,

She said she liked I noticed

And we got so very close

And as our lips met

The moment was set

And we made love right there and then,

Two lost souls feeling the warmth

In all life’s disenchantment,

I felt her body under mine

She was supple and divine,

We connected by eyes and minds

Our bodies twisted and combined,

In an embrace of real desire

Both our temperatures rose higher,

We both felt the energy

As we both simultaneously peaked

And that moment was sublime

Her whole being was on fire,

We made love time after time

It drove us both passionately wild.

What a day that was

That memory would not be lost,

Now when we smile and chat across

The fence we know what’s what,

We share moments from time to time

But remain free as agreed,

Just two ships passing from time to time

And often they both collide

And neither of us hide

Our feelings or the love

But we live separate lives

And for us that’s good enough for us

To remain free to fly away

And then come back again

Another day, no attachments

And no demands

No agendas and no plan.

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