My heart bleeds for her

She goes out just to source some food

Even the minimum would be good,

Money and work is hard to come by

And yet she has no more tears to cry,

For tears would be fruitless

She needs strength to get through this,

Being weak is useless in a life as hard as hers

A life that we could never truly imagine for it so hard,

I sit and think of her and wish I could

In someway offer her a chance somehow,

For my heart bleeds for her

And not in a sense of pity

But anyone who tries so hard

Stays so strong and positve

Deserves some kind of reward somehow,

She’s a shining light in a third world darkness

An inspiration being harnessed,

A hope to all those lost the same as her

But I wish someway I could lift her out of this,

Give her more chances than at the moment she misses,

She’s worth so much more than anyone I know,

Her situation is not one that she has sown,

She’s a victim of a society that simply has no idea where to go

And a government that doesn’t really know

The value of its people or they would not let them go

Hungry and without the things that we take for granted so,

Like water, electricity and heat

But most of all just basic food to eat,

This woman borne of strength and power

She is inspirational to me

And that’s why thinking of her plight makes my heart bleed,

She should not have to live a life like this.

8 thoughts on “My heart bleeds for her

  1. To took me to another world with this poem ….It’s truly magnificent and the way it is composed , just makes it visualisation ,very powerful….Just wow ✨✨✨


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