The touch and go plan


She knew she needed more

And she told him like she had

So many times before

And he had sympathy for her

His work absorbed his every waking hour

And he did not want to give that up

Even though they both felt the love

So they agreed she could be free

To peruse her pleasures and ectasies.

So she decided to find herself a friend

And he came through and old aquaintance

Someine once she had known back at school

She told him of her situations and the rules

It was simply touch and go

No love, no forever after

He agreed and both agreed and so

It averted any disasters,

They shared love when she needed it

One phone call and he would arrange this

The first time was strange a bit

They went for dinner then came home to bliss

As he seduced her carefully

Took things very slowly

They made love all that night

It was so long since she had felt this delight

And because of his carefulness

She felt no fear or sense of fright

Next time he took her by suprise

When he came over he said he could not lie

He had been anticipating this moment

And let straight in making love to her right there and then

Less planned less seduction

More spontaneous and he got the right reaction

Moving from room to room with in her house

Her desire reached out so loud

This is what she really needed

He got this and her response was heeded

In future times they made out in cars

In various risky places there were no holds barred

Bodies both colliding in time

Both managed to get their rhythm synchronised

Both of them stared eye to eye

Everytime the reached a new peak with heavy breathless sighs

They always enjoyed going for each reprise

He loved her skin, he loved going in

She loved his strong demanding ways

And yet he was respectful on everyway

And she journaled all of this

Sent it to her husband explaining everything

He was over joyed she was happy now

And reminded her no commitment was allowed

She agreed and with a heavy heart

She ended it with her friend and for both it was hard

But they went their separate ways

And she found someone else who was keen to play

Again she told him it was touch and go

But that it doesn’t mean it has to be cold

And she found her flame burned bright

She found happiness in this delight

And when her husband comes back home

The things she learn she would show

And it helped their love grow

It’s amazing who would have known

That letting her fly free would make their life so happy

And life now was better than it had ever been

So few others would understand

But they didn’t care, this was their unique plan

And it worked for them

And was really working

They took a chance and were reaping the rewards of sharing love.

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