Meager morsels

Scrapping for a crumb

Or just a morsel to eat

Life it is so hard

Just to try and make ends meet

And we are told to work hard

And all will be ok

But all I see is those in charge

Treating us like slaves

And getting richer

And getting fatter

Of our sweat, blood and toil

And all I ever see

Is that they lie right through their teeth

To ensure I work for them

To the point where I drop down dead

From the meager rations that I am fed

From the scraps from their table

The trickle down theory enabled

To keep us all within our place

And grateful to them

These greedy fat cat corporate obscenely rich men

Who pay slave wages to keep them content

These corrupt governments

Who work hand in hand with them

Ensuring change ain’t ever happening.

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