If you don’t feel shame, you’re part of the problem

We live in an age and time where poor people are invisible

A world where the homeless are pushed to one side

We live in an age of money and possessions

Where being human doesn’t seem to count for much

Rich people pass the homeless in their big cars

Blind to these people on the street

How is it there can be so much poverty

In such an advanced society

How can we not feel ashamed this occurs

In place of so much obscene wealth

Why is it people can’t afford decent food

To ensure their continued good health

Why is it we think it’s all just fine

Going through life living this big lie

Why should anybody have to suffer in this life

When there is so much to go around

Why is it people have to little to eat

In a world of such gross obesity

We should feel ashamed

We should see this as wrong

And to bring a change about

Just don’t leave it too long

For people are dying because nobody cares enough

To force a change within society.

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